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New Conlang Again

Ok, so, I basically accidentally a whole new conlang. I like it lots. So I translated something into it! I’m calling this new lang Uelo. It’s more complex than Kilta. Still tons of fun though! 

The poem was originally written by Tolkien. I’m just the translator. 

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More Aţána

Behold! More conlang. This is the language spoken by the ágenas, those eastern dudes. The glosses are a little odd, but I promise they’re easier to read this way. They are for me, anyways. 

"If I had any books, I would give them to you, but I do not. I used to have books. I gave them to a friend."

Hin rókiņņí yexá bán, són adá mek, kai ye yexá. Rókiņņí yexéx dúh. Dovón adéx.

If book[accusative plural] have[1s present imperfect] [subjunctive], 2s[dative] give[1s present imperfect] [conditional], but [negative] have[1s present imperfect]. Book[accusative plural] have[1s past imperfect] [habitual]. Friend[dative] give[1s past imperfect].

"I would love to see the Sikaf Palace, and examine its beautiful fountains and gardens. Do you know any Sikaf who might show it to us?"

Loiná bán golaţ Árkolm Sikáfisa, ya bulubus ya hánus jahebeņņa golaţ. Sikáfeh danan elawó meón dem évábwa bán?

Love[1s present imperfect] [subjunctive] see[infinitive] palace[accusative] Sikaf[genitive plural], and fountain[accusative plural] and beautiful[accusative plural] garden[accusative plural] see[infinitive]. Sikaf[partitive] know[2s present imperfect] which[ergative plural] 1p[dative] 3s[accusative] show[3p future imperfect] [subjunctive]?

As always, feel free to ask me any old thing about this…  or any old thing about any old other thing. Just send something to my ask box